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Canary Wharf

UK Acoustical Engineering

Location: London, United Kingdom
Developer: Olympia & York
Engineers: Yolles (now Halcrow Yolles)
Architects: César Pelli & Associates (now Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects), Adamson Associates

Canary Wharf is a major business district located in east London’s West India Docks. It is one of London’s two main financial centres – alongside the traditional City of London – and contains many of the UK’s tallest buildings. Canary Wharf contains around 14,000,000 square feet  of office and retail space. Around 90,000 people work in at the location and it is home to the world or European headquarters of numerous major banks, professional services firms and media organisations.
HGC Engineering completed extensive analysis and assessment of structural vibration due to walking for three of the principal towers in this high-profile development, including optimization of the structural elements through finite element analysis and measurements. Additionally, we addressed the transmission of vibration due to aerobics, the vibration impact of the Docklands Light Rail passing through the base of an office tower, and the wind-induced vibration of a large canopy. 

Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

  • Finite Element Analysis and  Measurement
  • Wind-induced Vibration Assessment
  • Structural Vibration Assessment
  • Ground-borne Vibration Assessment




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