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Beam Radiology, Trinity Hills, Calgary

Beam Radiology MRI and CT Scanner Vibration Impact Calgary Alberta

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Property Management: Courtenay Group
Owner/Operator: Beam Radiology

Beam Radiology is a healthcare service provider offering a full suite of diagnostic imaging, pain management, and specialized obstetrics services at locations in Calgary and surrounding areas. HGC Engineering was contracted by Beam Radiology to assess the potential for vibration to negatively impact the proposed operation of a both a Siemens MRI scanner and CT scanner at a new state-of-the art radiology clinic that Beam Radiology would be opening.

Vibration measurements of Impact on MRI scanner and CT scanner

Vibration measurements were conducted to assess ambient vibration levels, as well as the impact of local vehicular traffic and operation of the unit’s rooftop air handling units, against vibration criteria provided by Siemens.  Both image units were proposed to be located on slab-on-grade, however, adjacent areas to the north included an elevated slab over one level of underground parking, an elevator and stair access to the parking garage. In addition, a garbage/recycling room and loading docks were proposed near the MRI and CT rooms.

Details concerning the MRI and CT Scanner and their vibration criteria were taken from the equipment layout drawings by Siemens. During the initial stages of construction, vibration measurements were conducted in and around the clinic and were later analyzed.

Vibration measurements analysis and assessment

The assessment indicated that operation of the rooftop air handling units were likely to negatively impact the MRI and, in addition, anticipated use of the elevator, and garbage/recycling activities could negatively impact the CT Scanner and MRI installations. Vibration mitigation design and material recommendations were provided for each of the MRI and CT.

Vibration Consulting Services Included:

  • Conducted vibration measurements using calibrated instrumentation at proposed MRI and CT locations.
  • Analyzed vibration data against Siemens’ specified vibration criteria.
  • Identified potential sources of vibration during construction and recommended mitigative measures.



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